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Fellow Small Business Owner,

As you know, the current economic climate here in the UK and in many other parts of the world means that life is really tough for the high street retailer right now.  People are being much more careful about what they spend their money on – and how much they pay for it.

So how’s business for you?  And what can you do to make sure you get your share of people’s custom?  It’s simple – you have to do what the big boys are finally realising and compete in the same marketplace.


The future of mainstream retail is online

Like it or not, that’s the reality.  Don’t believe me?  Just walk down your local high street and count how many ‘to let’ signs or boarded up front shops you see.  Then count how many of the open ones are charity shops, food shops or coffee shops.

And as for the big players, what’s their future strategy?  To close non-profit making branches and increase their online presence.  If you’re an independent local retailer, this is great news for you, for two main reasons:

1) Online, you can compete with the big players like never before

  • market research is easy
  • nobody knows how big or small you are
  • as your feedback grows, so will your market
  • you can be much more flexible than big chains

2) Offline, you can reclaim your local high street

If you’re a local trader of specialist products, there is no better time for you to have a shop in your local high street.  Why?  Because the future of the small town high street is changing.  The big retailers are moving out because small towns are no longer profitable enough for them; this means less competition for local traders.  People are no longer going to their local towns to do their ‘main’ shopping; they’re going for:

  • leisure / tourism
  • community
  • specialist items
  • basic essentials
  • second-hand goods


So you see, this really is a golden age for the small town specialist retailer; and the quicker you get your online sales strategy sorted out, the quicker you’ll see your profits grow.


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