Dear Reader

If you’re here for the first time, welcome to Media Manor. If you’ve been here before, then welcome back!

My name is Paul Hutchings and I’m an author, blogger and content curator who just decided one day to start sharing stuff online that’s helped me in the hope that it might help others too.

What I love about the internet the most is how you can find out so much information about any topic that interests you, or any problem you might be trying to solve. That said, the amount of information can be overwhelming, not to mention incorrect!

Fact checkers are not always factual themselves, reports and product reviews can be commissioned by companies trying to sell you something off the back of them and fake reviews can be bought to make something (or someone) seem better or more popular than it actually is.

Wisdom and critical thinking are essential tools for safely and successfully navigating your way to the best information available. Here are 3 tips that help me:

1) Always aim to get information from at least 3 different sources – and ideally at least a couple with opposing views.

2) Look at information with an open mind. We’re very good at having a natural bias towards seeing things as we want them to be, rather than as they actually are.

3) Find some trusted sources of information. They can be great ways to filter out the noise and overwhelm of TMI (too much information). For example, I invest in a paid product review site and a free money advice site.

I hope you find my own collection of information to be helpful, informative, educational and somewhat entertaining. For the most up-to date happenings, please visit my Facebook Page.

Thanks for visiting 🙂